Transport Security Management Saudi

Transport Management System in Saudi Arabia & Gulf Region

FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF®, has minimized the repair and maintenance cost of different transport companies in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Gulf Region, like Land vehicles, Airspace and shipyards through easier detection of critical mechanical issues through the use of scanners, passive devices, AI and IOT applications.


  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia


  • Border Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Transport Management
  • Cable Management
  • Security Management
  • Cyber Security


  • Fluxes Belgium DAS based threat monitoring
  • Pipeline Security and Leakage monitoring
  • DAS based Railway Track monitoring
  • DAS based Security monitoring
  • DAS based Pipeline Security monitoring


  • Trans Afghanistan Gas Pipeline . Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • Perimeter Security of Large Civil and Military Installations
  • Health Monitoring of Civil and Military Structures


Inspection of Land, Air and Sea

When we come to talk about utilization of monitoring machines and IR/UV laser tools in checking different parts on Land, Sea and Air, our expert engineers at FiBERLOGiX GULF® could provide a valuable report on the actual status of the spare parts to avoid any inconvenience damage in near future moment. For Land transportation, Sea transport and Aerospace/Aviation, we manufacture for Saudi Arabia and Gulf market and supply high-quality Optical fiber like PEEK coated optical fiber, High-temperature Acrylate coated fiber Polyimide coated fiber, High NA and 80um SM fiber.

Transport and Network Inspection

Through advanced monitoring devices and IR/UV tools, the mechanics of any transport network breakdown our qualified engineers could inspect the damaged parts of land transport network easily within few moments and the entire road traffic network system can be inspected for chances of any repair and maintenance. Since manual checking may need more time and more manpower, our electronic devices could do it quickly in Saudi or neighbouring Gulf Region. Also, FiBERLOGiX GULF® supplies high-quality optical fibers, stripers and passive devices for any replacement purpose.

Maintenance application

Planned Maintenance application

Planned Maintenance Application is an AI-based computerized application which helps transport network, ship owners or sailors or Aircraft owners to carry out maintenance work in proper intervals for the safe and secure journey on the road, over water and in the air.

Transport Network Detection Application

Automated Transport Network, Aircraft and Ship Detection Application

Since anytime the terrorists could hijack the aircraft or it may face technical error any time, our advanced tools like Radar with AI, ML and IOT application could help out the Airport controller in detecting the missing aircraft through internet technology and smart devices that are installed in the transport network. Also, automated transport security are the main advantages for Governments transport network and owners of large trucks and aircraft transport network for a convenient and regular calculation of their security infrastructure of any parts in their businesses. Also, they can incorporate a high-quality cybersecurity application with their server and web applications to restrict any illegal access to their website and system. All the earnings and repair & maintenance expenses can be accumulated at one place or database of the website which can generate an appropriate report on the existing business status and helps business owners keep eye on business.

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