Perimeter Security Monitoring Saudi

Perimeter Security System in Saudi Arabia & Gulf Region

FiBERLOGiX GULF® empowers Government and private sectors in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Gulf region in amplifying their Perimeter security through compact radar, IR thermal cameras, microwave, Smart passive devices, and radio wave fences which have created a strongest man-made or technical barrier for smugglers for their illegal transportation, substances or across international border in violation of applicable laws or other regulations.


  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia


  • Border Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Transport Management
  • Cable Management
  • Security Management
  • Cyber Security


  • Fluxes Belgium DAS based threat monitoring
  • Pipeline Security and Leakage monitoring
  • DAS based Railway Track monitoring
  • DAS based Security monitoring
  • DAS based Pipeline Security monitoring


  • Trans Afghanistan Gas Pipeline . Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • Perimeter Security of Large Civil and Military Installations
  • Health Monitoring of Civil and Military Structures


Used by Governments in the GULF regions

We assist Governments to improve perimeter security through the use of advanced tools like IR or UV tools, monitoring device, fiber optics, and multi-sensor cameras, etc. They use our tools and devices not only for the safety of their citizens, Government properties, cross border business and immigration, as well as to guard the crucial infrastructure from hooligan and terrorists within Saudi Arabia and GULF regions. Biometric scanning and mobile applications also help in wide perimeter security.

Used by Private Property owners in Saudi & Gulf region

We allow private property owners like residential and company owners in Saudi including the Gulf region to guard their personal property and assets through boundary monitoring devices like Multi-sensor advanced camera, monitoring devices, and IR/UV tools.

Digital Security

Digital Security Service in Saudi & Gulf Region

FiBERLOGiX GULF®, provide 100% security guard for the private properties and Government, companies through compact radar, IR/UV tools, and other CCTV camera to detect any trace passers and burglars and arrange appropriate security action accordingly in Saudi & Gulf region.

Barrier for Army

Man-Made Tactical Barrier for Army

We enable the army to restrict enemies through tactical barrier made by IR/UV tools so that they could save their lives, assets and locations. During war, this smart device and technology-based barrier play a significant role in the army. In the past, during world war –II Booby traps, watchtowers, electric fencing, and night flares were also dynamically used to keep enemies out. But now, Fiber Logix plays a significant role by manufacturing different UV laser devices, IR tools and monitoring devices to restrict enemies strongly as these devices can keep eye on the ground, under the ground, in the air, and under the water. That’s why the man-made barriers are much effective for the enemies. Many natural barriers are fixed at some certain places, but enemies could cross over it. But, the man-made barriers are such powerful devices that could be installed at any place. 

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