Land, Sea & Air Smart Security System in Saudi

Security System for Land, Sea & Air in Saudi & Gulf Region

FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® We are working on empowerment of the smart monitoring capacity of the army in intruder and security detection, aircraft detection, intruder detection, border surveillance, perimeter security surveillance etc. Similarly, we provide in Saudi and Gulf Region a multi-sensor cameras, IR, UV, AI and IOT tools, Radars, fiber optic cables, and passive devices for underwater, underground and overground research and fights as well.


  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia


  • Border Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Transport Management
  • Cable Management
  • Security Management
  • Cyber Security


  • Fluxes Belgium DAS based threat monitoring
  • Pipeline Security and Leakage monitoring
  • DAS based Railway Track monitoring
  • DAS based Security monitoring
  • DAS based Pipeline Security monitoring


  • Trans Afghanistan Gas Pipeline . Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • Perimeter Security of Large Civil and Military Installations
  • Health Monitoring of Civil and Military Structures


Monitoring on Land

On land in the Gulf Region, mainly we use Smart monitoring devices, Drone camera, Radar and multi-sensor camera to conduct a successful inspection or monitoring campaign. Some monitoring areas are Rail Monitoring, Pipeline Monitoring, Border Surveillance, Premises Security camera, and Perimeter Monitoring, Biometrics Security Monitoring, Smart Card Swap Monitoring, Vehicle checking, transport repair and maintenance management, and Automatic Surveillance and etc.

Monitoring Under Seawater

We help our clients monitoring under seawater through waterproof radars, optic fiber covered cable wire and cameras, offshore research or survey by oil and gas companies for finding out reservoir under seawater, all defense and security tools and devices for submarines and naval army on the ship. A ship or submarine will be able to detect under water through our multi-sensor camera, Radar and IR tools under water.

Monitoring Devices

Multi-Purpose Monitoring Devices

FiBERLOGiX GULF® is dedicated to providing a complete security solutions starting from monitoring service up to security management service successfully. Since it has been manufacturing most of the fiber relevant products and IR/UV tools you will have an affordable service for sure within Gulf Region.

Inspection Service

Obtain any Kind of Inspection Service

Is your Transport Network not running properly? Is the Aircraft and Airfield not running? Is there any unknown problem faced by your security needs? Our All-monitoring devices, Drone camera, IR/UV Ai and IOT tools, and multi-sensor camera are enough to inspect the problematic area. At the aerospace service station, the mechanics or engineers could inspect an aircraft easily with the use of the advanced IR/UV AI and IOT tools and monitoring devices and components. We provide all kinds of fiber products for inspection and repairing of an aircraft for long-run. Our products qualities are so great that we got an award for best trading from the UK ministry. Similarly, in a shipyard, the ships could be monitored well with the fiber optics, IT/UV tools, monitoring devices, multi-sensor camera, and laser scanning devices. Hence, any of your security issues could be thoroughly inspected, tightened and repaired within a short period of time and no more man-power is required. Save time and money with a great outcome from FiBERLOGiX GULF®.

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