With our advanced DAS security system, Optical fiber security sensors, cyber security, AI & IOT automation technology.

We have incorporated cutting edge photonics security solutions, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) secrity systems, latest AI based automation, machine learning, IOT security technology, optical fiber security sensing, fiber optic cabling and edge computing to render a high quality Smart security monitoring system solutions of Pipeline leak monitoring and security solutions, Rail safety and security, Border security surveillance, Transport safety security, Perimeter intrusion detection, Nuclear Installations security monitoring system, Cable security monitoring system solution, Corporate security, Security guards, Residential security and Cyber Security solutions.

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With our advanced DAS, Optical fiber sensors, cyber security, AI & IOT automation technology.

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Digital Security Devices and Cutting Edge Security Suite Application

FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® is committed to bring your tight security dream to true through latest powerful digital camera added devices like DAS, Radar, Drone and other security monitoring devices and latest AI based automation software application.

Border Surveillance
FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® solves some of the complex intelligence and defence issues of the border security force with use of electronics like multi-sensor cameras, radars, drones, fiber optics and advanced passive devices that create multi-function innovative technologies for dominance in the electromagnetic border field.
Perimeter Security
Our compact radar, fiber sensors, IR or UV, micro security electronics technologies and high power lasers solve the perimeter security issues of commercial or residential properties, airports, bridges, electrical substations, and harbours, etc.
Pipeline Monitoring
FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® helps resolve many complex pipeline leak and security issues of Oil pipelines leakage, gas pipelines intrusion detection or water pipeline breakage such as dangerous leakage, damage, and theft using our advanced multi-sensor detector applications through security monitoring devices, fiber laser devices, IR or UV tools, multi-sensor tools.
Rail Monitoring
We assists Railway engineers and maintenance team in sorting out the exact spot of critical safety, security and severe crack in railway tracks through DAS, IR or UV tools, Distributed Acoustic Sensing monitoring system. With advanced optical fiber cabling and DAS Rail Monitoring system instead of manual rail safety, security and track inspection.
Transport Management
FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® smart transport safety and security monitoring system and support team of engineers helps in repair, maintenance and automated safety and security control of transports like ship, aircraft and vehicles with the help if latest automation AI technology and advanced mechanical tools like scanners, CCTV cameras, traffic automation.
Cable Management
Make fast and well informed decisions and with confidence using our latest cable management system. FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® our fiber cabling management system prevents criminal activity, malicious attacks or accidental damage in construction sites. Detect and locate cable arcing and break down events at the earliest possible stage.  With FiBERSENSOR® cable security management system and solutions you can gain LiVE and real time fiber optic cable visibility of the cables integrity, underwater, unreachable spots, underground and the security of the entire cable network.
Security Management
We uplift the security system of any organisation like Governments, IT companies, Schools, University, Airports, Financial Organisations through our wired or wireless CCTV Cameras, online Cyber Security support and other Biometrics security systems to restrict any vulnerable threat to your costly assets like machines, equipment, and other financial data.
Cyber Security

Our advanced cyber security services and solutions proactively protect your organisation from the inside out and safeguard against the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities. FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® provides advanced cyber detection, incident response and recovery against the newest cyber security threats-helping you safeguard your systems, Data and People.

Versatile Day-to-day Digitized operation

Improve efficiency of your organisation through latest digital asset and security monitoring systems. Hence, day-to-day challenging operations could be enhanced with incorporation of the latest smart devices and software applications.

Featured Work

Broad Smart automation security monitoring platform

With smart monitoring and security added asset management systems, improve productivity and output of your secured asset and control the financial and HR data well. All commercial and residential sectors could be served by us.

Cloud and Digital Data Innovative Support

Through Cloud based digital data analysis and automated IOT applications, we render support to engineering, IT, service and Financial organisations for monitoring and security protection of computerised systems, pipelines, assets and machines.

Our Guarantee

We assure of guaranteed result for monitoring and security services & solutions

Using AI and IoT dynamic applications, an unrivalled activity and best resolution could be obtained from our smart security devices and tactics. Millions of sensors are used for monitoring of fibre optic cables and water proof CCTV cameras are additional security advantages.


Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Total of 36 years Experience

  • Marconi Space & Defence. Ministry of Defence UK
  • Lucas Aerospace-Air Bus
  • Alcatel Germany. GPS Navigation for Military
  • Imagination Technologies UK
  • Northern Telecom UK
  • Ultra Defence Electronics. Secure Mission Communication
  • FiBERLOGiX©. 2002 to Present


  • BSc, MSc in Electronics & Digital Systems. All from UK


  • Project Based Camps and Perimeter Security Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Security and Leakage Detection
  • Hydel Projects. Landslide Monitoring
  • Seismic Activity Monitoring
  • Highway and other large Civil Structural Monitoring
  • Large Defence Installations. (Automated 24/7 Security Systems)
  • Railways. Track, Rolling Stock and Storage Facilities Security
  • Railways. Operational Automation and Network Monitoring
“Our offshore research service support is going well with the help of applications from FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF®. Thanks a lot.” Dawn Smith

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