The Executive Committee is the Group’s management body, supervising the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf regional operations, fully aligned with FiBERLOGiX GULF® market centric approach.


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Chaired by the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer Dr. Tiger Beasley, it includes the managers  of Group divisions, the  heads of the main regions for the Security Solutions, Latest Technology Industry & Facilities division and the support functions. Together, the Executive Committee members examine and approve strategic decisions and adopt the policies and procedures to be applied across the Group in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

A diverse Board Of Directors striving to offer security solutions and latest technology for all gulf regions.

Composition of the Board of Our Directors
Composition of the Board of Our Directors: a diverse Board of Directors striving to offer Security Solutions and latest Technology for all the Gulf Regions.
Highly committed, independent, balanced in its composition and enriched with the diversity of its members, the Board of Directors determines the Company’s strategic orientations, ensuring and monitoring their implementation and overseeing the good management thereof.
Endowed with complimentary experience and expertise (financial, industrial or business), the Directors participate actively and regularly in the works of the Board and its four specialised committees: the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee, the Audit Committee, the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee, and the Appointments and Governance Committee.

The Board’s work and deliberations are carried out completely independently of the operational commitments by the General Management.

The organization of FiBERLOGiX GULF’s Board of Directors is adapted to the Company’s specificities with regards to its constant drive towards progression: a stable and loyal shareholding structure, an expertise that is solely focused on the Security Solutions and latest Technology and the remarkable loyalty of its senior managers, who have a thorough knowledge of the business. This streamlined mode of governance, with specialized board committees that aide in the organization and preparation of the Board’s deliberations, simplifies the decision-making in the our profession, where constant innovation and adaptation are highly demanding. The balance of powers on the Board is ensured through a very precise definition and sharing of the tasks to be carried out by everyone.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 8 members: the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 4 Directors appointed by the main Chairman, two seats for Dr. Tiger Beasley and his wife and one seat for Mr Ali Al-Zahrani and one seat for Mr. Shafiq Parwaz (the one Chairmen of the Board being chosen from among these members), two independent Directors and two Directors representing the employees. 5 women have a seat on the Board, representing a proportion of female directors of 55 %.

FiBERLOGiX GULF® Board of Directors is informed on an ongoing basis of all the aspects of the state of the Company’s business and its performances at Headquarters in Saudi Arabia by meeting a large number of senior managers and engaging in open and constructive dialogue with them.

The Board carries out its work on a collective basis, in accordance with ethical principles and in compliance with the legal provisions, regulations and recommendations. Every year, the Board makes a full evaluation of its modus operandi and its organization.

The Board’s work and deliberations are carried out completely independently of the operational commitments by the General Management.

Dr. Tiger Beasley


Dr. Tiger Beasley has pursued his entire career with his family business. Dr. Tiger Beasley’s career is like the man himself: energetic, unwavering and enterprising. With a background spanning a wide range of responsibilities, he has forged leadership skills underpinned by key expertise: in-depth knowledge of how the company operates in Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf approach and a global vision of major challenges ahead.

Neamah M Alsomali


Neamah M Alsomali has dedicated her entire career to Finance, Employment Laws and Human Resources.

Neamah started her career in Health Care Sector working with two of the largest Medical Cities in Riyadh, King Saud Medical City and Sultan Bin Abdilaziz Humanitarian City where she worked in patients affairs department.

Shafiq Parwaz

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Shafiq Parwaz is Co-founder, chief technology officer for FiBERLOGiX International Corporation.

In this role, Shafiq is leading FiBERLOGiX GULF® through its digital transformation, responsible for research and product development including supporting the company’s product portfolio with PARC from its ideation to commercialization phases and an increasingly digital information technology operation.

Ali Dhafer A AlZahrani

Board Member and Seasoned Senior Executive Director of FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF®

Ali is qualified executive director with experience in overseeing the daily activities. Ali is an excellent communicator and he has strong ability to solve complex problems using excellent judgment and decision-making skills. He received ongoing education and running a customer service-oriented company and have more than 15 years of experience in relevant positions.

Nasir Mahmood Bhatti

Process Control & Automation Engineer with over 30 years of experience in process engineering, instrumentation & control, information & business management systems for the Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas companies including 20+ years of site commissioning experience of Refineries (lube oil & helium), LNG, NGL and Gas plants.

Other experiences include process control design validation of wide variety of onshore & offshore plants, dynamic simulation, software engineering & data technology, Safety & HAZOP. I have worked in all phases of the projects from conceptual/ FEED to detailed design engineering through construction, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Total of 36 years Experience

  • Marconi Space & Defence. Ministry of Defence UK
  • Lucas Aerospace-Air Bus
  • Alcatel Germany. GPS Navigation for Military
  • Imagination Technologies UK
  • Northern Telecom UK
  • Ultra Defence Electronics. Secure Mission Communication
  • FiBERLOGiX©. 2002 to Present


  • BSc, MSc in Electronics & Digital Systems. All from UK


  • Project Based Camps and Perimeter Security Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Security and Leakage Detection
  • Hydel Projects. Landslide Monitoring
  • Seismic Activity Monitoring
  • Highway and other large Civil Structural Monitoring
  • Large Defence Installations. (Automated 24/7 Security Systems)
  • Railways. Track, Rolling Stock and Storage Facilities Security
  • Railways. Operational Automation and Network Monitoring
Pedro Corredera

Technical Advisor, PhD Physics–Research Scientist- CSIC.

Miguel González

Innovation Advisor, PhD Electronics

Juan D. Ania

Knowledge Advisor, PhD Physics Research Scientist CSIC

Sonia Martín

Technology Advisor, PhD Physics Contract researcher UAH

Carlos Herráez

CEO, MSc Electronic Engineering CEng MBA

Hugo Martins

Technical Director, PhD Physics

Javier Tejedor

AI Advisor, PhD Computer Science

Francisco Cobo

Production Manager, BSc Electronic Engineering

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