Cyber Security & Intelligence System in Saudi Gulf

Cyber Security & Intelligence System in Saudi & Gulf Region

 FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF® We enhance Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Gulf Regions Cyber security and intelligence system of the army as well as different organisations and companies through our experienced and skilled cyber security team and passive devices added applications in different countries like UK, USA, Spain and other countries within the Gulf Region.


  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia


  • Border Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Transport Management
  • Cable Management
  • Security Management
  • Cyber Security


  • Fluxes Belgium DAS based threat monitoring
  • Pipeline Security and Leakage monitoring
  • DAS based Railway Track monitoring
  • DAS based Security monitoring
  • DAS based Pipeline Security monitoring


  • Trans Afghanistan Gas Pipeline . Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • Perimeter Security of Large Civil and Military Installations
  • Health Monitoring of Civil and Military Structures


Digital Defense of Organisations 

Cyber Security & Intelligence Network is launched by FiBERLOGiX GULF® in Saudi and Gulf Region. It is designed to support the Citizens and Governments. intelligence & army officers to handle cybercriminals successfully. People often feel safe, when the intelligence department of Governments acts effectively to protect their lives and assets from cybercriminals. Also, through our active workforces, terrorists couldn’t hack any systems of our clients or organisations, companies, banks, financial sectors as well which are obtaining our cybersecurity services.

Online protection for Industries

Our Cyber security professionals are dedicated to supporting various IT industries and Finance companies or banks in protecting their systems, data and assets successfully. Many organizations in Saudi and Gulf Region have annual contracts with us for providing them a strong online or networking cybersecurity from cold-blooded criminals. A huge amount could be destroyed if the system of an organization is properly protected from cyber criminals.

Digital approach

24x7 hours Digital Approach Towards Cyber Security

As we have employed workforces in different countries like UK, USA, Spain, Saudi and other countries, they tend to serve you and your organisation 24x7 hours regarding cyber security protection for Governments and organisation systems and servers which are registered with FiBERLOGiX GULF®.

Intelligence Network

Powerful 100% Secured Intelligence Network

FiBERLOGiX GULF® has made a 100% secured Intelligence Network with proper size and scale of the different cyber crimes. These issues are resolved by the greater workforces who have huge experience and talents to tackle any emergency hacking situation. We have the greatest and latest digital web security strategy and method, governance model and most crucially our plans and works in controlling the biggest societal crimes. Our teams in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom put a joint effort, however, and we persuade all team members to share their reviews and experience. We employ workforces from different sectors to protect different industries successfully. Our latest tools and applications with AI, ML and IOT applications strengthen their capacity of instant resolution. They never compromise any security and legal based rules which are applied by the local Governments. All, our working procedures are global benchmark based. If you have any more queries or suggestions, share with us without any hesitation.

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