FiBERLOGiX GULF® Code of Conduct

Our universal Code of Conduct is a crystal clear considerable statement of what we stand for and how we conduct a successful business till today and onwards.
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Efficiency and Accuracy

Increasing efficiency and accuracy of employees with briefing

It sets out the business performance standards for employees to live up to in the whole thing they perform, whatever their responsibility, wherever they act. Our Code of conduct includes realistic supervision and illustration to enable employees to deal with significant ethical issues and is concerned to all employees through a conference session with their reporting manager. Hence, employees will be able to work properly with a resolution of all ethical issues.

At FiBERLOGiX GULF® we regularly improve the scale our Code of Conduct against our competitors and other companies across the globe and ensure it carries on meeting the best performance policy. Thus the quality standard of work will be improved automatically with reduction of ethical errors and we can easily stay ahead of our competitor’s product and service.


FiBERLOGiX GULF® Key Policies

We have applied different detailed policies on particular issues to support the execution of our Code of Conduct and profitable manufacturing and trading Principles. Go through our policy summaries outline the main points of our policies with respect to our global business conduct. We have justified enough with the performance of our employees to render a tough business deal with our customers and follow ethical guidelines during manufacturing, service, and trading. Sometimes, many employees may misuse the code of conduct or some may not aware of the accurate code of conduct. For this reason, we conduct a briefing session to clarify all the major points of code of conduct which definitely helps them perform with great efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction. Thus the employees, board of directors and customers will be beneficial.


Our primary focus is on the All-fiber solutions using our in house extensive expertise in fiber preform manufacturing and proprietary Side Polish Technology. The company is also working on high performance innovative solutions based on its functional fibers in collaboration with some of the leading technology companies and universities.


FiBERLOGiX GULF® designs, manufactures and markets specialty fiber and passive devices. We work closely with our customers especially with systems designer, engineers and end user to produce cost effective and innovative solutions.


Our target customers are leading and emerging equipment, sub-system manufacturers and end user. Our products are reliable and cost competitive and designed to meet Telcordia standards.


FiBERLOGiX GULF® is committed to manufacturing high performance fiber optic products and solutions through continuous focus on manufacturing technology improvement and technology innovations.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Total of 36 years Experience

  • Marconi Space & Defence. Ministry of Defence UK
  • Lucas Aerospace-Air Bus
  • Alcatel Germany. GPS Navigation for Military
  • Imagination Technologies UK
  • Northern Telecom UK
  • Ultra Defence Electronics. Secure Mission Communication
  • FiBERLOGiX©. 2002 to Present


  • BSc, MSc in Electronics & Digital Systems. All from UK


  • Project Based Camps and Perimeter Security Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Security and Leakage Detection
  • Hydel Projects. Landslide Monitoring
  • Seismic Activity Monitoring
  • Highway and other large Civil Structural Monitoring
  • Large Defence Installations. (Automated 24/7 Security Systems)
  • Railways. Track, Rolling Stock and Storage Facilities Security
  • Railways. Operational Automation and Network Monitoring
Pedro Corredera

Technical Advisor, PhD Physics–Research Scientist- CSIC.

Miguel González

Innovation Advisor, PhD Electronics

Juan D. Ania

Knowledge Advisor, PhD Physics Research Scientist CSIC

Sonia Martín

Technology Advisor, PhD Physics Contract researcher UAH

Carlos Herráez

CEO, MSc Electronic Engineering CEng MBA

Hugo Martins

Technical Director, PhD Physics

Javier Tejedor

AI Advisor, PhD Computer Science

Francisco Cobo

Production Manager, BSc Electronic Engineering

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