We promote the Saudization (Saudi Nationalization) for Saudi Arabia graduate scheme with multifaceted engineering projects to world-level cyber security package, and allow learning and earning strategy.
Most of the Saudi Arabian University students including Spain and USA have the opportunity to work with FiberLogix and strengthen their career. Throughout the graduation scheme, all team members at FiberLogix play a significant role in helping our clients monitor and protect their asset. Graduate students will get excellent opportunity to work with electronics engineering project for defense and aerospace.

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A broad opportunity is open for the graduate or undergraduate students

SEA 5000 Future Frigate Program

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  • UK graduate scheme now open for applications roles in Saudi Arabia.
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  • Applied Intelligence Saudi Arabia, Spain United Kingdom, United States.

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The evolution of FiberLogix Saudi Arabia’s workforce is key to the ongoing success of FiberLogix Saudi Arabia.

FiberLogix has made a major commitment to the training of local Saudi nationals to bring them into management, technical and other qualified positions. This process is known as Saudiasation. It is expected that the young men and women involved in this will form the leadership for the future, both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Arab world.
Saudis constitute high per cent of the total FiberLogix workforce in Saudi Arabia making the Company one of the private sector employers of Saudis. The proportion and number of local nationals in employment grows steadily each year as capabilities continue to increase: in 2019 the Company employed high percentage of Saudis’ finest talents just of the workforce at the time.
The Company focuses on all aspects of development, supporting the career aspirations of its workforce. Training extends from task related exercises, to management programmes and to broader business areas such as safety, ethical conduct, and in the promotion of cross-cultural understanding. These three areas are being introduced to new joiners as standard topics on our induction.

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Saudi Arabian career opportunity

FiberLogix has brought advancement Saudi Arabia workforce by incorporating several training programs. Especially, we have committed to get the local Saudi citizens trained for the purpose of dragging them into management, engineering, technical and other matched qualified positions at FiberLogix.
We have named this program as Saudiasation to involve maximum young male and females to form future leadership in UK & Saudi Arabia and within the Arab area.

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By gaining the opportunity at FiberLogix the graduate students can grow their career along with money and experience. This experience in different engineering projects definitely enables you grow your salary volume in the same company after finishing education or in another company also, you can opt for. For career-oriented apprentices or interns, we offer a good volume of co-operation for betterment in knowledge level and skills. Our expert senior engineers just guide them like their demonstrator in college practical lab.

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